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Artificial Intelligence (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy/Summer 2020 Edition)
Weight scan: 2023-06-20
Weight: 4290.55
Terms: artificial intelligence (64)robot (30)neural network (26)machine learning (22)intelligent agent (15)turing machine (14)supervised learning (10)strong ai (10)turing test (6)deep learning (6)artificial neural network (6)unsupervised learning (4)superintelligence (4)speech recognition (4)sensor (4)reinforcement learning (4)machine ethics (4)commonsense reasoning (4)artificial general intelligence (4)robotics (3)perceptron (3)natural language processing (3)knowledge representation and reasoning (3)knowledge base (3)feature engineering (3)pattern recognition (2)mobile robot (2)marvin minsky (2)machine translation (2)google deepmind (2)data mining (2)cognitive architecture (2)backpropagation (2)automation (2)artificial life (2)
The 2010s: Our Decade of Deep Learning / Outlook on the 2020s
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 3285.438
Terms: neural network (70)deep learning (32)reinforcement learning (25)robot (16)computer vision (14)backpropagation (12)speech recognition (10)machine learning (10)artificial neural network (10)pattern recognition (9)artificial intelligence (9)recurrent neural network (8)openai (8)convolutional neural network (6)sensor (5)robotics (5)generative adversarial network (5)neural architecture search (4)machine translation (4)cybernetics (4)neuroevolution (3)evolutionary computation (3)vanishing gradient problem (2)natural language processing (2)feedforward neural network (2)feature extraction (2)artificial general intelligence (2)
A tutorial survey of architectures, algorithms, and applications for deep learning | APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing | Cambridge Core
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 2677.378
Terms: deep learning (99)speech recognition (94)neural network (93)autoencoder (58)generative model (31)backpropagation (16)machine learning (14)speech synthesis (11)recurrent neural network (11)natural language processing (11)convolutional neural network (11)machine translation (10)supervised learning (8)feature learning (8)unsupervised learning (7)restricted boltzmann machine (7)pattern recognition (7)objective function (6)computer vision (6)speech translation (4)kernel method (4)artificial intelligence (4)stochastic gradient descent (3)sensor (3)perceptron (3)feature extraction (3)artificial neural network (3)multimodal learning (2)microsoft research (2)feedforward neural network (2)
What is Machine Learning? | IBM
Weight scan: 2023-06-27
Weight: 2179.7
Terms: machine learning (34)neural network (16)supervised learning (12)deep learning (12)artificial intelligence (7)unsupervised learning (5)speech recognition (4)ibm watson (4)superintelligence (3)natural language processing (3)computer vision (3)technological singularity (2)reinforcement learning (2)random forest (2)predictive analytics (2)chatbot (2)
The most cited neural networks all build on work done in my labs
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 2123.681
Terms: neural network (50)deep learning (26)backpropagation (14)computer vision (11)artificial neural network (9)pattern recognition (8)reinforcement learning (6)openai (6)speech recognition (5)robot (5)recurrent neural network (5)generative adversarial network (5)cybernetics (5)convolutional neural network (5)machine translation (4)machine learning (4)turing award (3)stochastic gradient descent (2)artificial intelligence (2)
The Great A.I. Awakening - The New York Times
Weight scan: 2023-06-27
Weight: 2057.957
Terms: neural network (32)artificial intelligence (19)machine learning (13)google brain (12)machine translation (10)deep learning (5)artificial neural network (5)artificial neuron (4)artificial general intelligence (4)robot (3)perceptron (3)geoffrey hinton (3)chatbot (3)supervised learning (2)sensor (2)marvin minsky (2)automation (2)
Artificial general intelligence: Are we close, and does it even make sense to try? | MIT Technology Review
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 2053.905
Terms: deep learning (9)neural network (8)artificial general intelligence (5)robot (4)openai (4)artificial intelligence (4)supervised learning (3)superintelligence (3)geoffrey hinton (3)cognitive architecture (3)yann lecun (2)turing award (2)strong ai (2)google brain (2)elon musk (2)demis hassabis (2)ben goertzel (2)artificial brain (2)
Parameter, Compute and Data Trends in Machine Learning - Google Sheets
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 2015.138
Terms: large language model (13)supervised learning (12)openai (8)meta ai (7)ilya sutskever (6)speech recognition (5)natural language processing (5)machine translation (5)microsoft research (4)generative model (4)deep learning (4)computer vision (4)tensorflow (3)hugging face (3)google brain (3)google ai (3)pytorch (2)neural network (2)autoencoder (2)
Natural language processing: state of the art, current trends and challenges - PMC
Weight scan: 2023-06-16
Weight: 1941.37
Terms: natural language processing (38)machine translation (30)neural network (28)sentiment analysis (15)machine learning (13)computational linguistics (10)recurrent neural network (9)information extraction (9)chatbot (7)robot (6)artificial intelligence (6)speech recognition (5)deep learning (5)convolutional neural network (5)commonsense reasoning (4)support vector machine (3)word2vec (2)text mining (2)knowledge graph (2)generative model (2)data mining (2)
A review of some techniques for inclusion of domain-knowledge into deep neural networks - PMC
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 1886.405
Terms: neural network (76)knowledge graph (20)deep learning (16)machine learning (12)graph neural network (8)artificial intelligence (8)computational linguistics (6)artificial neural network (4)natural language processing (3)knowledge base (3)computer vision (3)perceptron (2)multilayer perceptron (2)feedforward neural network (2)data mining (2)
A.I. Is Mastering Language. Should We Trust What It Says? - The New York Times
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 1876.498
Terms: openai (40)large language model (24)sam altman (5)artificial intelligence (5)artificial general intelligence (5)deep learning (4)ilya sutskever (3)robotics (2)robot (2)neural network (2)emergence (2)elon musk (2)artificial neuron (2)
A History of Generative AI: From GAN to GPT-4 - MarkTechPost
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 1823.949
Terms: openai (12)neural network (12)generative model (9)chatgpt (7)natural language processing (6)computer vision (6)large language model (5)generative adversarial network (5)deep learning (5)autoencoder (5)unsupervised learning (4)supervised learning (4)recurrent neural network (4)machine learning (4)reinforcement learning (3)robotics (2)robot (2)machine translation (2)gated recurrent unit (2)
Geoffrey Hinton and Demis Hassabis: AGI is nowhere close to being a reality | VentureBeat
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 1720.62
Terms: machine learning (7)robot (4)reinforcement learning (3)openai (2)neural network (2)geoffrey hinton (2)demis hassabis (2)deep learning (2)computer vision (2)backpropagation (2)automation (2)artificial intelligence (2)artificial general intelligence (2)
Weight scan: 2023-06-18
Weight: 1675.842
Terms: microsoft research (23)google ai (12)meta ai (9)openai (7)tensorflow (6)speech recognition (6)ilya sutskever (6)supervised learning (5)machine translation (5)pytorch (4)hugging face (4)reinforcement learning (3)neural network (3)google brain (3)computer vision (3)autoencoder (3)natural language processing (2)convolutional neural network (2)chatbot (2)
JMIR Medical Informatics - Prevalence of Sensitive Terms in Clinical Notes Using Natural Language Processing Techniques: Observational Study
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 1595.062
Terms: natural language processing (9)machine learning (4)deep learning (2)
Thoughts on the impact of RLHF research - AI Alignment Forum
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 1570.271
Terms: openai (16)chatgpt (16)anthropic (11)supervised learning (4)chatbot (4)prompt engineering (3)generative model (3)ai alignment (2)
Towards artificial general intelligence via a multimodal foundation model - PMC
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 1454.447
Terms: foundation models (17)computer vision (17)neural network (13)pattern recognition (10)supervised learning (6)machine learning (6)artificial intelligence (6)natural language processing (4)cosine similarity (4)artificial general intelligence (4)multimodal learning (3)learning rate (3)deep learning (3)convolutional neural network (3)sensor (2)openai (2)computational linguistics (2)
Risks from AI persuasion - LessWrong
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 1444.724
Terms: chatbot (37)sentience (5)openai (4)automation (3)the alignment problem (2)large language model (2)
Statement on AI Risk | CAIS
Weight scan: 2023-06-22
Weight: 1330.409
Terms: ai safety (7)google deepmind (5)openai (4)artificial intelligence (4)machine learning (3)anthropic (3)
Successfully and efficiently training deep multi-layer perceptrons with logistic activation function simply requires initializing the weights with an appropriate negative mean - ScienceDirect
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 1324.351
Terms: neural network (24)vanishing gradient problem (11)activation function (9)reinforcement learning (3)machine learning (3)recurrent neural network (2)perceptron (2)
Acquisition of chess knowledge in AlphaZero - PMC
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 1292.89
Terms: neural network (26)machine learning (6)artificial intelligence (5)reinforcement learning (4)emergence (3)deep learning (3)artificial neural network (3)pattern recognition (2)data mining (2)computer vision (2)alan turing (2)
Shtetl-Optimized Blog Archive OpenAI!
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 1197.442
Terms: ai safety (46)openai (42)quantum computing (11)ai alignment (10)quantum computer (9)machine learning (7)superintelligence (5)neural network (5)automation (5)turing test (4)quantum computation (3)robotics (2)robot (2)deepfake (2)deep learning (2)
Deep learning pioneer Geoffrey Hinton quits Google | MIT Technology Review
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 1192.838
Terms: deep learning (4)backpropagation (4)neural network (3)geoffrey hinton (2)geoff hinton (2)artificial intelligence (2)
Survey of Hallucination in Natural Language Generation | ACM Computing Surveys
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 1184.56
Terms: computational linguistics (77)natural language processing (33)machine translation (18)artificial intelligence (11)neural network (6)deep learning (3)recurrent neural network (2)machine learning (2)knowledge graph (2)data mining (2)computer vision (2)
The A to Z of Artificial Intelligence | Time
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 1175.225
Terms: neural network (20)openai (17)chatbot (13)large language model (12)machine learning (9)supervised learning (8)chatgpt (8)reinforcement learning (7)foundation models (6)unsupervised learning (5)artificial intelligence (5)automation (4)ai safety (4)turing test (3)the alignment problem (2)demis hassabis (2)artificial general intelligence (2)
AI bias: exploring discriminatory algorithmic decision-making models and the application of possible machine-centric solutions adapted from the pharmaceutical industry | SpringerLink
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 1122.988
Terms: artificial intelligence (19)machine learning (13)algorithmic bias (6)data mining (5)supervised learning (4)robot (3)deep learning (3)superintelligence (2)neural network (2)intelligent agent (2)ethics of artificial intelligence (2)
EleutherAI Open-Sources Six Billion Parameter GPT-3 Clone GPT-J
Weight scan: 2023-06-13
Weight: 1107.992
Terms: openai (8)tensorflow (3)natural language processing (2)machine learning (2)deep learning (2)
The Surprising Creativity of Digital Evolution: A Collection of Anecdotes from the Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life Research Communities | Artificial Life | MIT Press
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 1095.668
Terms: robot (74)artificial life (22)evolutionary computation (19)digital organism (13)neural network (11)evolutionary algorithm (11)sensor (6)reinforcement learning (6)artificial intelligence (5)robotics (4)emergence (4)soft computing (3)openai (3)neuroevolution (3)machine learning (2)ai safety (2)
Knowledge structure and emerging trends in the application of deep learning in genetics research: A bibliometric analysis [20002021] - PMC
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 1095.259
Terms: deep learning (75)machine learning (16)neural network (14)random forest (10)convolutional neural network (7)knowledge base (5)recurrent neural network (2)pattern recognition (2)cluster analysis (2)
Elon Musks Billion-Dollar Crusade to Stop the A.I. Apocalypse | Vanity Fair
Weight scan: 2023-06-26
Weight: 1092.617
Terms: robot (26)elon musk (12)artificial intelligence (11)openai (10)robotics (4)yann lecun (2)virtual reality (2)sensor (2)ray kurzweil (2)nick bostrom (2)demis hassabis (2)
Cooperation, Conflict, and Transformative Artificial Intelligence: A Research Agenda Center on Long-Term Risk
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 1088.545
Terms: artificial intelligence (27)reinforcement learning (21)machine learning (19)ai safety (6)autonomous agent (5)superintelligence (4)openai (4)automation (4)stuart j russell (3)robot (3)artificial general intelligence (3)sensor (2)progress in artificial intelligence (2)nick bostrom (2)intelligent agent (2)ai alignment (2)
Ahead of AI #5: RevAIval of Ideas - by Sebastian Raschka
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 1068.121
Terms: supervised learning (24)neural network (10)machine learning (9)large language model (8)pytorch (6)deep learning (5)convolutional neural network (5)weak supervision (4)computer vision (4)chatgpt (4)generative model (3)autoencoder (3)openai (2)feature extraction (2)
AI Research Grants Program - Future of Life Institute
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 1063.897
Terms: artificial intelligence (53)robot (16)machine learning (10)artificial general intelligence (7)robotics (6)intelligent agent (4)autonomous agent (4)anomaly detection (4)superintelligence (3)reinforcement learning (3)ai safety (3)lethal autonomous weapon (2)demis hassabis (2)computational linguistics (2)
Research Priorities for Robust and Beneficial Artificial Intelligence: An Open Letter - Future of Life Institute
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 1056.046
Terms: artificial intelligence (10)robotics (2)robot (2)microsoft research (2)machine learning (2)lethal autonomous weapon (2)google deepmind (2)
National AI Strategy - HTML version - GOV.UK
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 1055.23
Terms: artificial intelligence (15)alan turing (13)machine learning (7)alphafold (5)ai safety (5)emergence (4)robot (2)deep learning (2)artificial general intelligence (2)algorithmic bias (2)
artificial general intelligence
Weight scan: 2023-06-22
Weight: 1029.818
Terms: robot (5)robotics (4)artificial general intelligence (4)openai (3)reinforcement learning (2)natural language processing (2)deep learning (2)artificial intelligence (2)
Generative AI and Future. GAN, GPT-3, DALLE 2, and whats next | by Luhui Hu | Towards AI
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 1020.195
Terms: chatgpt (4)machine learning (3)generative adversarial network (3)openai (2)large language model (2)deep learning (2)
FAIR at 5: Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research accomplishments
Weight scan: 2023-06-20
Weight: 1015.306
Terms: pytorch (11)supervised learning (6)deep learning (4)computer vision (4)neural network (3)artificial intelligence (3)virtual reality (2)unsupervised learning (2)reinforcement learning (2)machine translation (2)machine learning (2)generative model (2)generative adversarial network (2)
2020 Autonomous Vehicle Technology Report
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 1004.661
Terms: sensor (124)waymo (41)robot (16)machine learning (14)deep learning (14)automation (14)neural network (13)robotics (10)reinforcement learning (9)elon musk (6)artificial intelligence (6)recurrent neural network (5)convolutional neural network (5)artificial intelligence laboratory (2)
OpenAIs latest breakthrough is astonishingly powerful, but still fighting its flaws - The Verge
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 1000.778
Terms: openai (10)robot (3)chatgpt (2)chatbot (2)alan turing (2)
JMIR Medical Education - How Does ChatGPT Perform on the United States Medical Licensing Examination? The Implications of Large Language Models for Medical Education and Knowledge Assessment
Weight scan: 2023-06-18
Weight: 990.94
Terms: chatgpt (89)openai (10)large language model (8)natural language processing (6)chatbot (6)artificial intelligence (4)prompt engineering (3)reinforcement learning (2)
What is ChatGPT and why does it matter? Here's what you need to know | ZDNET
Weight scan: 2023-06-13
Weight: 985.695
Terms: chatgpt (129)chatbot (32)openai (29)large language model (4)artificial intelligence (3)strong ai (2)robotics (2)robot (2)reinforcement learning (2)
AI Poses Risk of Extinction, Industry Leaders Warn - The New York Times
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 984.441
Terms: openai (4)artificial intelligence (4)chatbot (3)ai safety (3)turing award (2)sam altman (2)large language model (2)google deepmind (2)anthropic (2)
The man who revolutionized computer vision, machine translation, games and robotics AI Frontiers Conference
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 977.801
Terms: openai (8)neural network (6)ilya sutskever (5)robot (4)machine translation (4)google brain (4)sam altman (3)robotics (3)machine learning (3)elon musk (3)deep learning (3)tensorflow (2)reinforcement learning (2)geoffrey hinton (2)
The Brain That Supercharged ChatGPT, ImageNet, Tensorflow
Weight scan: 2023-06-13
Weight: 975.277
Terms: openai (4)ilya sutskever (4)sam altman (3)deep learning (3)neural network (2)machine learning (2)elon musk (2)
ChatGPT can write code. Now researchers say it's good at fixing bugs, too | ZDNET
Weight scan: 2023-06-13
Weight: 970.792
Terms: chatgpt (29)chatbot (6)openai (3)artificial intelligence (3)robotics (2)robot (2)
Performance of ChatGPT on USMLE: Potential for AI-assisted medical education using large language models - PMC
Weight scan: 2023-06-18
Weight: 965.254
Terms: chatgpt (61)large language model (7)artificial intelligence (7)deep learning (6)machine learning (5)openai (4)neural network (3)computer vision (2)computational linguistics (2)
The Myth Of AI |
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 965.193
Terms: robot (16)artificial intelligence (15)robotics (6)sensor (4)machine learning (4)elon musk (4)deep learning (3)turing test (2)nick bostrom (2)
How Rogue AIs may Arise - Yoshua Bengio
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 954.564
Terms: ai safety (7)artificial intelligence (6)robot (4)ai alignment (4)yoshua bengio (3)superintelligence (2)robotics (2)reinforcement learning (2)machine learning (2)geoffrey hinton (2)deep learning (2)
OpenAI Researchers Find Ways To More Accurately Answer Open-Ended Questions Using A Text-Based Web Browser - MarkTechPost
Weight scan: 2023-06-13
Weight: 952.886
Terms: reinforcement learning (6)machine learning (5)openai (4)computer vision (3)robotics (2)robot (2)neural network (2)natural language processing (2)deep learning (2)
Shtetl-Optimized Blog Archive Why am I not terrified of AI?
Weight scan: 2023-06-16
Weight: 944.642
Terms: openai (25)superintelligence (22)chatgpt (16)ai safety (11)quantum computer (5)machine learning (4)strong ai (3)robot (3)objective function (3)ai alignment (3)turing test (2)the alignment problem (2)chatbot (2)
ChatGPT is 'not particularly innovative,' and 'nothing revolutionary', says Meta's chief AI scientist | ZDNET
Weight scan: 2023-06-18
Weight: 943.336
Terms: chatgpt (23)openai (13)chatbot (4)artificial intelligence (3)yann lecun (2)robotics (2)robot (2)deep learning (2)
Restoring and attributing ancient texts using deep neural networks - PMC
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 937.024
Terms: neural network (18)deep learning (17)computational linguistics (15)machine learning (11)machine translation (6)natural language processing (5)artificial intelligence (3)recurrent neural network (2)data augmentation (2)computer vision (2)
Highly accurate protein structure prediction with AlphaFold | Nature
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 930.226
Terms: alphafold (42)neural network (16)deep learning (9)computer vision (8)tensorflow (7)machine learning (7)demis hassabis (4)pattern recognition (3)supervised learning (2)generative model (2)artificial intelligence (2)
Geoffrey Hinton tells us why hes now scared of the tech he helped build | MIT Technology Review
Weight scan: 2023-06-13
Weight: 916.114
Terms: neural network (16)large language model (11)geoffrey hinton (6)deep learning (5)robot (3)artificial intelligence (3)yoshua bengio (2)yann lecun (2)openai (2)chatgpt (2)chatbot (2)backpropagation (2)artificial neural network (2)
DeepMind's new AI system can perform over 600 tasks
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 911.021
Terms: robot (7)machine learning (2)
Efficient shallow learning as an alternative to deep learning - PMC
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 904.421
Terms: neural network (7)deep learning (7)pattern recognition (5)machine learning (5)computer vision (5)perceptron (4)stochastic gradient descent (2)emergence (2)artificial neural network (2)artificial intelligence (2)activation function (2)
Paul Christiano on how OpenAI is developing real solutions to the 'AI alignment problem', and his vision of how humanity will progressively hand over decision-making to AI systems - 80,000 Hours
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 903.677
Terms: machine learning (49)ai safety (32)ai alignment (31)the alignment problem (12)robot (11)openai (9)robotics (8)artificial intelligence (8)expert system (4)superintelligence (3)nick bostrom (3)deep learning (3)artificial general intelligence (3)anthropic (3)reinforcement learning (2)automation (2)
Human Language Understanding & Reasoning | American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 898.421
Terms: artificial intelligence (11)neural network (10)foundation models (8)machine translation (7)machine learning (7)computational linguistics (7)natural language processing (6)supervised learning (4)artificial neural network (4)sensor (3)robot (3)knowledge graph (3)deep learning (2)
Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis Says Its Next Algorithm Will Eclipse ChatGPT | WIRED
Weight scan: 2023-06-29
Weight: 890.361
Terms: chatgpt (11)openai (5)artificial intelligence (5)reinforcement learning (4)large language model (4)google deepmind (3)chatbot (3)sam altman (2)robot (2)machine learning (2)demis hassabis (2)
The emerging types of language models and why they matter
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 889.5
Terms: large language model (10)openai (6)machine learning (2)
Deepmind Introduces 'Sparrow,' An Artificial Intelligence-Powered Chatbot Developed To Build Safer Machine Learning Systems - MarkTechPost
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 871.784
Terms: reinforcement learning (4)machine learning (4)natural language processing (3)large language model (3)robotics (2)robot (2)computer vision (2)chatgpt (2)
CMC | AI Cannot Understand Memes: Experiments with OCR and Facial Emotions
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 870.408
Terms: technological singularity (3)neural network (3)convolutional neural network (3)machine learning (2)
Tension Inside Google Over a Fired AI Researchers Conduct | WIRED
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 869.761
Terms: machine learning (6)chatgpt (4)chatbot (4)artificial intelligence (4)reinforcement learning (2)openai (2)large language model (2)google brain (2)
Cerebras Hits the Accelerator for Deep Learning Workloads
Weight scan: 2023-06-20
Weight: 867.437
Terms: deep learning (13)neural network (4)computer vision (3)tensorflow (2)pytorch (2)artificial intelligence (2)
Machine Learning for Beginners: An Introduction to Neural Networks | by Victor Zhou | Towards Data Science
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 867.256
Terms: neural network (23)machine learning (8)activation function (8)stochastic gradient descent (4)chatgpt (3)backpropagation (3)natural language processing (2)deep learning (2)convolutional neural network (2)
Curve Circuits
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 865.762
Terms: neural network (3)artificial neural network (2)
Silicon Valley Confronts the Singularity - The New York Times
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 860.658
Terms: openai (6)artificial intelligence (5)chatbot (3)sam altman (2)robot (2)ray kurzweil (2)large language model (2)
Tesla is rolling out its Navigate on Autopilot feature | TechCrunch
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 859.739
Terms: tesla autopilot (3)elon musk (3)
Precision information extraction for rare disease epidemiology at scale - PMC
Weight scan: 2023-06-17
Weight: 855.251
Terms: deep learning (14)natural language processing (10)machine learning (9)neural network (6)information extraction (6)computational linguistics (6)learning rate (5)supervised learning (4)recurrent neural network (4)pytorch (4)hugging face (4)knowledge graph (3)artificial intelligence (2)
This AI-powered art app lets you paint pictures with words | TechCrunch
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 837.483
Terms: machine learning (3)
Instrumental Convergence - LessWrong
Weight scan: 2023-06-26
Weight: 829.71
Terms: instrumental convergence (3)
Artificial Neural Network - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 819.958
Terms: neural network (27)artificial neural network (18)perceptron (7)supervised learning (5)machine learning (4)artificial intelligence (4)unsupervised learning (3)pattern recognition (3)backpropagation (3)multilayer perceptron (2)artificial neuron (2)
Developers Can Now Access OpenAI's ChatGPT and Whisper APIs
Weight scan: 2023-06-16
Weight: 819.023
Terms: chatgpt (15)openai (8)artificial intelligence (5)chatbot (3)automation (3)natural language processing (2)machine learning (2)
Multimodal Language Models: The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) - MarkTechPost
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 817.71
Terms: robot (9)openai (6)chatgpt (5)robotics (4)natural language processing (4)machine learning (4)large language model (4)reinforcement learning (3)computer vision (3)sensor (2)artificial intelligence (2)
JMIR AI - Strategies to Improve the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Health Equity: Scoping Review
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 814.237
Terms: artificial intelligence (34)machine learning (18)algorithmic bias (5)objective function (3)
Can AI really be protected from text-based attacks? | TechCrunch
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 805.509
Terms: chatgpt (5)prompt engineering (3)openai (3)reinforcement learning (2)chatbot (2)
Tesla's Autopilot 2.0 said to add triple camera system and more radar | TechCrunch
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 793.975
Terms: elon musk (2)
OpenAI shifts from nonprofit to 'capped-profit' to attract capital | TechCrunch
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 773.47
Terms: openai (17)sam altman (2)ilya sutskever (2)
Learning on tree architectures outperforms a convolutional feedforward network - PMC
Weight scan: 2023-06-20
Weight: 763.292
Terms: deep learning (8)activation function (6)neural network (5)pattern recognition (4)learning rate (4)computer vision (4)backpropagation (3)data augmentation (2)convolutional neural network (2)
Geoff Hinton, AIs Most Famous Researcher, Warns Of Existential Threat From AI
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 763.017
Terms: large language model (4)deep learning (4)backpropagation (3)openai (2)geoff hinton (2)artificial intelligence (2)
AI Safety Needs Social Scientists
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 755.761
Terms: ai alignment (23)ai safety (18)quantum computer (17)machine learning (11)openai (6)robot (4)reinforcement learning (4)quantum algorithm (4)robotics (3)artificial intelligence (3)the alignment problem (2)
AI could have 20% chance of sentience in 10 years, says philosopher David Chalmers | ZDNET
Weight scan: 2023-06-23
Weight: 746.457
Terms: large language model (13)sentience (7)chatgpt (5)artificial intelligence (4)robot (3)turing test (2)robotics (2)openai (2)machine learning (2)
A Survey on Bias and Fairness in Machine Learning | ACM Computing Surveys
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 741.8
Terms: machine learning (37)artificial intelligence (15)natural language processing (6)data mining (6)machine translation (4)computational linguistics (4)algorithmic bias (4)deep learning (3)
OpenAI disbands its robotics research team | VentureBeat
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 732.687
Terms: openai (19)robot (18)robotics (17)reinforcement learning (6)artificial general intelligence (2)
AlexaTM 20B is now available in Amazon SageMaker JumpStart | AWS Machine Learning Blog
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 720.26
Terms: machine learning (4)deep learning (4)machine translation (3)foundation models (3)tensorflow (2)pytorch (2)large language model (2)hugging face (2)
AI in Mental Health - Examples, Benefits & Trends ITRex
Weight scan: 2023-06-27
Weight: 719.276
Terms: chatbot (13)artificial intelligence (9)deep learning (4)machine learning (3)robot (2)natural language processing (2)computer vision (2)
Chris Olah on what the hell is going on inside neural networks - 80,000 Hours
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 716.473
Terms: neural network (139)anthropic (35)machine learning (24)openai (15)ai safety (11)artificial intelligence (7)google brain (6)deepdream (5)artificial neural network (5)superintelligence (3)reinforcement learning (3)deep learning (3)ai alignment (2)
Facebook's 'Deep Learning' Guru Reveals the Future of AI | WIRED
Weight scan: 2023-06-20
Weight: 715.684
Terms: deep learning (16)machine learning (8)artificial intelligence (7)yann lecun (4)geoff hinton (4)chatgpt (3)yoshua bengio (2)chatbot (2)
Microsoft builds a supercomputer for OpenAI for training massive AI models | ZDNET
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 711.615
Terms: openai (7)chatgpt (3)artificial intelligence (3)robotics (2)robot (2)neural network (2)machine learning (2)
ai alignment
Weight scan: 2023-06-13
Weight: 709.616
Terms: natural language processing (3)machine learning (3)openai (2)deep learning (2)chatbot (2)artificial intelligence (2)
Daniela and Dario Amodei on Anthropic - Future of Life Institute
Weight scan: 2023-06-13
Weight: 706.83
Terms: anthropic (59)ai safety (17)openai (11)objective function (8)generative model (8)machine learning (5)google brain (5)artificial intelligence (3)ai alignment (3)the alignment problem (2)large language model (2)emergence (2)
ChatGPT: Understanding the ChatGPT AI Chatbot | eWEEK
Weight scan: 2023-06-13
Weight: 701.826
Terms: chatgpt (27)chatbot (21)openai (13)artificial intelligence (7)natural language processing (6)machine learning (4)
Artificial intelligence (AI) | Definition, Examples, Types, Applications, Companies, & Facts | Britannica
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 700.376
Terms: artificial intelligence (25)robot (5)machine learning (4)robotics (3)neural network (2)expert system (2)artificial intelligence in healthcare (2)alan turing (2)
All You Need to Know About Metas New AI Chip MTIA
Weight scan: 2023-06-20
Weight: 690.781
Terms: deep learning (5)supervised learning (2)openai (2)meta ai (2)artificial intelligence (2)
Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak: Pause more powerful A.I. | Fortune
Weight scan: 2023-06-12
Weight: 682.823
Terms: openai (5)large language model (3)deep learning (3)anthropic (3)elon musk (2)artificial intelligence (2)
Alphabet merges A.I.-focused groups DeepMind and Google Brain
Weight scan: 2023-06-22
Weight: 678.451
Terms: google deepmind (3)chatbot (3)artificial intelligence (3)quantum computing (2)demis hassabis (2)alphafold (2)
ChatGPT vs. GPT: How are they different? | TechTarget
Weight scan: 2023-06-19
Weight: 676.849
Terms: chatgpt (34)openai (19)natural language processing (2)automation (2)
ESA - Artificial intelligence in space
Weight scan: 2023-06-21
Weight: 673.014
Terms: artificial intelligence (16)robot (4)neural network (4)deep learning (3)supervised learning (2)machine learning (2)data analysis (2)automation (2)artificial neural network (2)
Google's AI Is Now Smart Enough to Play Atari Like the Pros | WIRED
Weight scan: 2023-06-17
Weight: 672.99
Terms: robot (5)artificial intelligence (5)deep learning (3)robotics (2)reinforcement learning (2)chatgpt (2)
OpenAI releases GPT-4, a multimodal AI that it claims is state-of-the-art | TechCrunch
Weight scan: 2023-06-13
Weight: 666.201
Terms: openai (17)chatgpt (3)
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