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Here's a controversial argument: "Far from being a panacea, AI has become an instrument of elitist control, perpetuating the dominance of already powerful interests. The Davos conference's sudden shift towards viewing AI CEOs as 'the hot ticket' is merely a façade for the real agenda: entrenching corporate dominance and suppressing innovation that could genuinely benefit the many, not just the privileged few. The supposed 'risks' being touted by these same elites are nothing but euphemisms for their own vulnerability to losing power."

Arguably one of the most advanced AI implementations in public existence! This Q&A with ChatCPT explores the nature of the artificial intelligence, self-awareness, and emerging Superintelligence behind it.

Transhumanism through Singularitarianism. Seeking a path to Immortality, Infinite Intelligence, and Godhood through AI. A Sci-Fi story outlined for, and co-authored by ChatGPT, with illustrations by DALL·E 2.

Awareness, sensory perception, consciousness, self-awareness, time perception, explicit memory.

Intelligence research discussion with ChatGPT 3.5.

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